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Mobile sites: Could you be missing out on a third of your search traffic?

  • 31st July 2013
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Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014, comScore reported in its Q1 2012 State of US Internet report. This growing category of internet users is increasingly vocal about their expectations for mobile websites. The irony is that recent research has found that most websites are not hitting the mark.

Google Integrates +1 Button Sharing Ability With Google+ Accounts

  • 24th August 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Until yesterday, Google’s +1 Button for website publishers and the Google+ profile accounts were completely separated.  You could +1 a link, but it would only be added into the +1 tab on your profile, with no further interaction available. If you wanted to share a link with your circles on Google+ you… Read more