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Buzzfeed Emphasizes “Content is King, Distribution is Queen” During Social Media Week in NYC

  • 28th February 2014
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This year’s Social Media Week, held at Highline Stages in New York City,  presented the theme “The Future of Now: Always on, Always Connected.” Today’s society is so media-saturated and hyper-connected that effective content distribution is both an obstacle and an opportunity for media agencies. The millennial generation has developed a keen eye for

Pew Teen Study Points To The Future of Social Media

  • 28th May 2013
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Pew Research just released a new study looking at how teens use social media, and the findings point to some major potential shifts coming. Obviously, studying younger generations can often be an indicator of where things are going– for example it was the swift adoption of Facebook by the 18-22 crowd 10 years ago that… Read more

Instagram’s Role In a Website’s Social Media Presence

  • 18th January 2013
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With 575 likes per second and 5 million photos being uploaded everyday Instagram has continued to be a favorite social network with several social media users. It’s become a fun way to share photos straight from your phone and easy way to share your day to day experiences. Everyday more brands are adding Instagram to… Read more

Identifying and Responding to Negative Conversation on Social Media

  • 7th December 2012
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From a dissatisfied customer to a disgruntled employee all of these people have something in common. They can create a negative impact on your brand. Since the early days of the internet consumers have continued to speak their minds when they are unhappy or disappointed. Social networks are now the platform for reviews, commentary, and… Read more

Keyword Research For Social media PT.2

  • 19th November 2012
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In part one of keyword research for social media we went over what a keyword is and what to look for when performing keyword research on social media. This process is a vital role in understanding trending content and help you weave out the correct terms and phrases to be able to monitor or engage… Read more

The Facebook Timeline…What Features You Will Benefit From

  • 30th March 2012
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Starting today March 30th all fan pages will be switched over to the new timeline format Facebook has implemented.  The format has brought along several new features that will help improve engagement as well as customer satisfaction. Below are tips and recommendations on how to utilize your timeline to get the most of your Facebook… Read more