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2011 Top Search Queries and Shared Content

  • 30th December 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Search engines, data aggregators and social websites are in the midst of releasing the most popular searches and most popular content for 2011.  So what did 2011 look like on the worldwide web?  Let’s take a look! First up is Google, who have updated their Google Zeitgeist website for 2011. Google Zeitgeist… Read more

Google’s Latest Update for Places Profiles in Search Results Reinforces Importance of Optimized Listings

  • 3rd November 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Earlier this week, Google announced and rolled out two major updates in how they provide Places Profile data for businesses directly from the search result pages. One is targeted for search results for a specific business while the other is targeted for non-branded geo-targeted business searches, and both reinforce just how important… Read more

60 Seconds on the Internet [infographic]

  • 11th October 2011
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In 60 Seconds on the Internet… • 694,445 queries on Google • 6,600+ pictures uploaded to Flickr • 600 videos uploaded on YouTube • 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments on Facebook • 168,000,000+ emails sent • 320 new accounts on Twitter and 98,000 tweets • 20,000 new posts on Tumblr •… Read more

John Carcutt Participates in Google News Ranking Factors Survey

  • 22nd September 2011
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This week a new website,, was launched to outline the positive and negative things that news publication websites can do to rank in Google News. This information is based on a survey of the top SEO experts in the field of news optimization, including Advance Internet’s own John Carcutt, who was hand selected to… Read more