By: Ryan Miller

Yesterday Google updated how they present their ratings for a keyword’s competitiveness in their Keyword Tool from the green bar (wherein the more green in the bar, the high the competition) we’ve come to know and love has been simplified to a text categorization of “Low”, “Medium” or “High”.

The categories of “Low”, “Medium” and “High” are broken down into percentage of thirds, so that:

  • Low  is a competitiveness under .33
  • Medium is a competitiveness between .33 and .66
  • High is a competitiveness over .67

Fortunately for those that want to have a more granular understanding of just how competitive a keyword is, and remember this competitive ranking is strictly for paid keywords not organic, the numeric value of the competiveness is available when you download the keyword information in excel.

The content and how it is displayed in the CSV file you can download appears to be unchanged at this time.