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Google Local Search Algorithm Update “Pigeon” Affects 7-Pack, SERPs and SEO Strategy

  • 29th July 2014
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Last week Google rolled out its latest algorithm update that is targeted toward local search, with a core focus on local businesses ranking in the “7-Pack” SERPs, and searches that are targeted toward geo-based searches or searches with local intent. While Google has not officially named this update, almost immediately labeled it as “Pigeon”… Read more

Claiming Google+ Pages for Local Businesses: The How and Why

  • 15th November 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Yesterday, we walked you through how to build a new Google+ Page. Today, we’re going to show you the specifics of how to claim a Google+ Page for your local business and more importantly why it is crucial that you do this. Claiming Your Page Before you are able to create and/or… Read more