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Google Local Search Algorithm Update “Pigeon” Affects 7-Pack, SERPs and SEO Strategy

  • 29th July 2014
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Last week Google rolled out its latest algorithm update that is targeted toward local search, with a core focus on local businesses ranking in the “7-Pack” SERPs, and searches that are targeted toward geo-based searches or searches with local intent. While Google has not officially named this update, almost immediately labeled it as “Pigeon”… Read more

Google Local Listings Revamp in Universal Results

  • 13th May 2013
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While Google has been hinting at publicly revealing a massive revamp to maps section at the upcoming I/O Conference this week in San Francisco, it appears that a local listings makeover in Google universal results is already starting to get rolled out, or at least tested to gauge reaction. Doing searches specifically in Google Chrome… Read more

Google’s Latest Update for Places Profiles in Search Results Reinforces Importance of Optimized Listings

  • 3rd November 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Earlier this week, Google announced and rolled out two major updates in how they provide Places Profile data for businesses directly from the search result pages. One is targeted for search results for a specific business while the other is targeted for non-branded geo-targeted business searches, and both reinforce just how important… Read more

What Citation Removal from Google Places Means for Local SEO Services

  • 5th August 2011
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By: Ryan Miller In late July Google gave their Places Profiles a major facelift, including cleaning up how the profile data is presented, removing the 3rd party reviews of the location and most importantly removing the citations for the business, or to define it another way, where else on the web the business was being… Read more