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Google Launches New META Keyword Tag for News Content

  • 20th September 2012
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Google has launched a new META keyword tag <meta name=”news_keywords”> specifically for news websites to provide a better contextual understanding of the news topic and focus for the article, while allowing the writers the freedom to be more creative with their headlines and grab a reader’s attention. The new META tag field, which was announced

Google News Gets Real-Time Coverage Update and Visual Facelift

  • 4th May 2012
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Today, Google begins rolling out some updates to the U.S. Edition of Google News including scrolling real-time news updates, larger image sizes for accompanying thumbnails and additional integration of Google+ posts and comments for logged in G+ users. Visually, the most striking and eye-catching update is the redesign of the Google News homepage and the… Read more

John Carcutt Participates in Google News Ranking Factors Survey

  • 22nd September 2011
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This week a new website,, was launched to outline the positive and negative things that news publication websites can do to rank in Google News. This information is based on a survey of the top SEO experts in the field of news optimization, including Advance Internet’s own John Carcutt, who was hand selected to… Read more