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Buzzfeed Emphasizes “Content is King, Distribution is Queen” During Social Media Week in NYC

  • 28th February 2014
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This year’s Social Media Week, held at Highline Stages in New York City,  presented the theme “The Future of Now: Always on, Always Connected.” Today’s society is so media-saturated and hyper-connected that effective content distribution is both an obstacle and an opportunity for media agencies. The millennial generation has developed a keen eye for

Facebook Finally Gets Trending Topics List with Newsfeed Update

  • 17th January 2014
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For news junkies and those that like to stay on top of trending stories in Facebook, one of the big missing factors with the social network was the lack of knowing what was hot on the site. Are you missing out on some breaking new? Did you miss your window of opportunity to share a… Read more

Facebook Updates Its News Feed Algorithm to Display Quality News Content

  • 10th December 2013
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Last week, Facebook made several announcements on how they will be updating users’ news feeds and the kinds of content they will see, especially around news and article related content. This update will have a major impact on news publishers and quality content creators, and makes an abrupt turn

Facebook to roll out Hashtags

  • 12th June 2013
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Hashtags are finally coming to Facebook! This has been an ongoing rumor that is now available to a small amount of users as of today.  Users will not only have the capability to click but also search hashtags. This is a great move on Facebook’s end because several users and brands are already using hashtags on… Read more

Pew Teen Study Points To The Future of Social Media

  • 28th May 2013
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Pew Research just released a new study looking at how teens use social media, and the findings point to some major potential shifts coming. Obviously, studying younger generations can often be an indicator of where things are going– for example it was the swift adoption of Facebook by the 18-22 crowd 10 years ago that… Read more