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New Digg v1 has Launched, but is the Now News Aggregator Half-Baked?

  • 2nd August 2012
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Tuesday, the New Digg v1 platform was launched on the old domain, and the change in visual appearance is striking! Gone on the homepage is the single column of stories, any sort of categorization, the up and down thumb votes, comments(!) and the usernames to go along with those missing comments.

Digg Purchase By Betaworks is a Changing of the Social Media Guard

  • 13th July 2012
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Yesterday it was announced by Betaworks that it will be purchasing the once-unstoppable social media juggernaut Digg, or at least its brand, website and technology as none of the remaining Digg staff have been asked to join Betaworks.  The price? A paltry $500,000 according to early reports from Wall Street Journal although updates are circulating… Read more