After a long period of speculation, Facebook publicly announced its entrance into the search arena. Its new natural language search engine has the potential to change the search and social media habits of over a billion people. How does it work and how do we prepare?

The new “Graph Search” will only search on Facebook and will honor the privacy settings of its users. It is currently in early Beta with very limited access available. We expect its development to last years and consist of many changes beyond where it is today.

Graph Search faces many obstacles including the need to change user habits and activities within the Facebook platform. Facebook has stated that search will only return content that has been shared with the searcher. The implementation of privacy is already suspect and under deep scrutiny. Most of this is centered on a lack of a clear definition of “Shared” content.

Facebook will address these issues over time; however adoption by its users is still not predictable with any type of accuracy.

The Advance Search & Social Group has put together a fully-detailed report on what we expect Graph Search to look like and how it will function when it debuts for Facebook’s general users. This report also provides in depth details on how brands can prepare for this new search feature. The document is available now for download and can be forwarded to anyone interested in more information about Graph Search.

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