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Check-In Focused Swarm App by Foursquare Announced as Unbundling Trend Continues

  • 5th May 2014
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Last week Foursquare revealed a major shift to their app development and business approach moving forward into 2014 with the announcement of a new app they are developing called Swarm. The app will be part of Foursquare’s new approach to break their flagship app into two distinct products to better serve their userbase and potentially… Read more

Buzzfeed Emphasizes “Content is King, Distribution is Queen” During Social Media Week in NYC

  • 28th February 2014
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This year’s Social Media Week, held at Highline Stages in New York City,  presented the theme “The Future of Now: Always on, Always Connected.” Today’s society is so media-saturated and hyper-connected that effective content distribution is both an obstacle and an opportunity for media agencies. The millennial generation has developed a keen eye for

Mobile sites: Could you be missing out on a third of your search traffic?

  • 31st July 2013
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Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014, comScore reported in its Q1 2012 State of US Internet report. This growing category of internet users is increasingly vocal about their expectations for mobile websites. The irony is that recent research has found that most websites are not hitting the mark.

Video for Instagram Revealed and a First Look at the Update

  • 20th June 2013
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Today, Video for Instagram was revealed during a Facebook event from their headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. Mark Zuckerberg quickly introduced Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom to discuss the new video options, which should be available on Apple and Android smartphones today

Facebook Home: First Look and Thoughts

  • 5th April 2013
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As Facebook’s big announcement was approaching all of my friends on my newsfeed were pretty adamant that Facebook would reveal a phone. Instead, Facebook announced Facebook Home.  A new mobile experience that makes it easier to connect with your community on Facebook, or just another way to force you to spend more time on Facebook.

The New Multi-Screen Reality: How Consumers Juggle Their Many Devices

  • 14th February 2013
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Several excellent studies were released in 2012 highlighting the unprecedented rate of consumer adoption for smartphones and tablets.  The ramp of these technologies—as I’ve written in past posts—is hitting historic levels.  But what exactly is the impact of this growth on the way consumers now use all these devices?  How are habits changing in this… Read more