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Google+ Improves Profiles and Pages

  • 8th March 2013
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If you spend a lot of time on Google+ (and who doesn’t?), you may have noticed some changes to your experience recently.

Claiming Authorship Via Email

  • 25th January 2013
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Ever since Google’s announcement of support for authorship markup back in 2011, savvy content creators have been pushing for its implementation on the sites they write for. In response, web developers everywhere began scrambling to set up rel=”author” correctly, often failing

Search Personalization: Good or Bad?

  • 21st December 2012
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Back in the old days, things were simple: you entered a search query, it returned a page of results, and you could rest easy in the knowledge that all across the country, other people doing the same exact search were seeing the same exact results page.

AuthorRank – The Future of Authorship and Personalization in Search

  • 19th November 2012
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The concept of AuthorRank has been buzzing around the SEO underworld since early 2012, with industry experts claiming that it could have a bigger impact on search rankings than the now-infamous Panda and Penguin updates. As the inevitable rollout of AuthorRank approaches, you may find yourself wondering what it is, why it’s important and how… Read more

Google+ Local to Replace Google Places

  • 20th June 2012
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Google rolled out its new Google+ Local feature on May 30, 2012, announcing that it would replace Google Places as the new platform for local business listings. Upon launch, over 80 million Google Place pages were automatically converted to Google+ Local pages. Although the differences between a Google Place page and a Google+ Local page… Read more

Why Use Pinterest? A Rationale

  • 5th March 2012
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What Is Pinterest? Pinterest is “virtual pinboard”—a social image sharing site that allows users to collect and share pictures they find across the web. Users organize pictures, or “Pins,” by placing them on various thematic “Boards” they have created.