Monthly Archive: February 2013

Know How and Where Facebook Ads Can Target Your Audience

  • 27th February 2013
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Facebook advertising has evolved from a basic concept to a complex form of content promotion that requires strategic thinking on how to target specific audiences to increase page growth, sales, site traffic, and overall brand awareness. There have been several developments in the world of Facebook advertising. Starting in 2009, Facebook launched its own cost… Read more

The New Multi-Screen Reality: How Consumers Juggle Their Many Devices

  • 14th February 2013
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Several excellent studies were released in 2012 highlighting the unprecedented rate of consumer adoption for smartphones and tablets.  The ramp of these technologies—as I’ve written in past posts—is hitting historic levels.  But what exactly is the impact of this growth on the way consumers now use all these devices?  How are habits changing in this… Read more

Authorship Confirmed as Influence on Search Rankings by Google’s Schmidt

  • 6th February 2013
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The idea of tying content published online to a verified author and applying a trust factor to that author’s expertise as a way of identifying trusted – commonly referred to as Authorship and AuthorRank – has long been discussed as a potential algorithm game changer within the search engine optimization industry. Until now though, this… Read more