Monthly Archive: January 2013

Adopt Open Graph Tags Now to Prepare for Facebook Graph Search

  • 29th January 2013

Early this month, Facebook announced they are rebuilding their search functionality within the social network and have dubbed it Graph Search. Graph Search will allow, upon its debut, for users to search for information that has been shared with them via friends that they are connected in ways never before possible. While an official launch… Read more

Claiming Authorship Via Email

  • 25th January 2013
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Ever since Google’s announcement of support for authorship markup back in 2011, savvy content creators have been pushing for its implementation on the sites they write for. In response, web developers everywhere began scrambling to set up rel=”author” correctly, often failing

The Impact of Facebook’s Graph Search

  • 25th January 2013
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After a long period of speculation, Facebook publicly announced its entrance into the search arena. Its new natural language search engine has the potential to change the search and social media habits of over a billion people. How does it work and how do we prepare?

Instagram’s Role In a Website’s Social Media Presence

  • 18th January 2013
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With 575 likes per second and 5 million photos being uploaded everyday Instagram has continued to be a favorite social network with several social media users. It’s become a fun way to share photos straight from your phone and easy way to share your day to day experiences. Everyday more brands are adding Instagram to… Read more

The New Digital Milestone: When Consumers Don’t Even Know They’re Online

  • 17th January 2013
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Ever since the web was born in 1990, researchers have used surveys to track the growth of consumers  “logging on” to the internet, and going “online” to get things done.  And – of course—that number has been consistently ramping upwards over the last 23 years.  Yet—as Forrester Research recently noted when they released the latest… Read more

Integrating Social into Traditional Marketing (Part 1 of 3)

  • 10th January 2013

We all know that when a new marketing channel appears, it needs to be tested and integrated into existing channels. This integration can be hard to facilitate sometimes. Reporting and baseline metrics need to be created and then merged with traditional reports and schedules. Then what about how this new channel impacts existing channels, this… Read more