Monthly Archive: October 2012

Google Disavow Links Tool Now Available in Webmaster Tools

  • 18th October 2012
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During Matt Cutts’ keynote speech at Pubcon on October 16th, he noted that the Google Disavow Links Tool is now available via Google Webmaster Tools as a way for webmasters to submit links or domains that they do not want counted toward their website. The tool is designed to alert Google of low-quality links that… Read more

The New Multi-Screen World: A Primer On The Changing Landscape

  • 12th October 2012
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To anyone looking around them today, it’s obvious that the world of the web and connected devices is changing.  What may not be so obvious is the unprecedented pace of that change, and the scale of the coming impact we’re just beginning to feel.  According to MIT Technology Review, Smartphones are now on track to… Read more

Does Mark-up Boost Rankings?

  • 10th October 2012
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Over the past year or two Google has been publishing videos answering SEO related questions on their YouTube Channel. With almost 500 short videos it’s a very valuable resource and archive of SEO info. Today they released a video answering the question “Does Mark-up Boost Rankings?” In typical fashion the answer was rather vague.

Keyword Research for Social Media Pt. 1

  • 9th October 2012
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Conducting keyword research for search marketing is critical to achieving success with organic and paid search advertising. Conducting keyword research for your social media presence is critical in reaching and analyzing your audience. Performing keyword research helps you understand what your audience is saying about your brand, products,

24% of all Google Searches Have Local Intent

  • 5th October 2012
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In a recent study released by Chikita, data collected between September 21st and September 27th by the ad network showed that 24% of all searches done on Google either on desktop or mobile devices had local intent. Chikita established this percentage based “against its extensive database of local keywords and