Monthly Archive: July 2012

Google Search Results get Google+ Share Link in Current Experiment

  • 19th July 2012
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Today Google launched an experiment adding a link to share URLs directly from the Google search engine results page (SERP) to your Google+ stream. On Google Product Manager Sean Liu’s Google+ profile, he had this to say on the experiment:

LinkedIn to Launch New Homepage

  • 17th July 2012
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LinkedIn recently released a preview of their new homepage layout which will be simpler to navigate and give you quicker access to more relevant information and updates. The new homepage provides more relevant updates and articles at the top of feed. By having more relevant updates at the top of the page is makes it… Read more

Digg Purchase By Betaworks is a Changing of the Social Media Guard

  • 13th July 2012
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Yesterday it was announced by Betaworks that it will be purchasing the once-unstoppable social media juggernaut Digg, or at least its brand, website and technology as none of the remaining Digg staff have been asked to join Betaworks.  The price? A paltry $500,000 according to early reports from Wall Street Journal although updates are circulating… Read more

Content and Keyword Ideas from Google’s Contextual Targeting Tool

  • 2nd July 2012
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Generating content ideas for your website, and the keywords to target within that content, can be a consistent challenge to SEO campaigns, bloggers and webmasters alike, especially if you are dealing with a less-than-exciting industry like say… cardboard boxes (shout out to The Simpsons for this random industry selection).