Monthly Archive: June 2012

Google+ Local to Replace Google Places

  • 20th June 2012
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Google rolled out its new Google+ Local feature on May 30, 2012, announcing that it would replace Google Places as the new platform for local business listings. Upon launch, over 80 million Google Place pages were automatically converted to Google+ Local pages. Although the differences between a Google Place page and a Google+ Local page… Read more

How to Set Up a Google+ Profile

  • 15th June 2012
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Google+ is Google’s newest social platform that introduces unique services such as circles, hangouts, and the explore feature. After one year in operation it had already reached 100+ million unique visitors and is becoming one the fastest growing social networks to date. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to set up your profile!

Facebook Making it Easier to Reach Your Audience With Promoted Posts

  • 4th June 2012
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When making a post to your brand page on Facebook sometimes the post is not seen by all your fans. Earlier this year Facebook shared a statistic that a Brand Page content is only seen by 16% of all fans. Over the past couple months Facebook has gradually been releasing more features for businesses to… Read more