Monthly Archive: November 2011

How to Verify Your Business or Brand’s Google Plus Page

  • 18th November 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Earlier this week, I mentioned that you need to claim your local business Google Plus Page to maintain brand ownership, as there is currently no security measure in place in which you must prove you are the authorized admin of a Plus Page.  However, there is a process currently in place to… Read more

Claiming Google+ Pages for Local Businesses: The How and Why

  • 15th November 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Yesterday, we walked you through how to build a new Google+ Page. Today, we’re going to show you the specifics of how to claim a Google+ Page for your local business and more importantly why it is crucial that you do this. Claiming Your Page Before you are able to create and/or… Read more

How to Set Up a Google+ Page

  • 14th November 2011
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Google recently launched their Google+ pages where businesses will be able to set up a page for their brand. As for now there is no option to have multiple admins for one page, Google+ only offers one admin (the creator of the page) access.  Once you have set up your gmail account, on your home… Read more

Ask these questions before choosing an SEO service partner

  • 8th November 2011
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by Sylvie Dale We have a customer who is considering having our team do the search engine optimization work for his company. He is a very careful and deliberate individual and he wants to make sure that he makes the best possible decision for his company. Another service provider has offered some of the same… Read more

Google’s Latest Update for Places Profiles in Search Results Reinforces Importance of Optimized Listings

  • 3rd November 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Earlier this week, Google announced and rolled out two major updates in how they provide Places Profile data for businesses directly from the search result pages. One is targeted for search results for a specific business while the other is targeted for non-branded geo-targeted business searches, and both reinforce just how important… Read more