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The Onion’s Coverage of Congress Taking Hostages shows the Power of Twitter

  • 29th September 2011
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By: Ryan Miller The following is an opinion piece, and the views expressed below may not reflect the views of Advance Search & Social as a whole. Starting earlier this morning, The Onion began reporting that Congress had taken a group of schoolchildren hostage and were demanding a ransom. The tweets began as such: This… Read more

Essential Tips to Navigating Google+ Now That It’s Open to the Public

  • 26th September 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Google’s new social network platform, Google+, is a little over three months old now. During the initial field testing, excitement for the platform quickly spiked as those in the tech and marketing industries took to the new social network to see how it worked and how it could be leverage to their… Read more

John Carcutt Participates in Google News Ranking Factors Survey

  • 22nd September 2011
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This week a new website,, was launched to outline the positive and negative things that news publication websites can do to rank in Google News. This information is based on a survey of the top SEO experts in the field of news optimization, including Advance Internet’s own John Carcutt, who was hand selected to… Read more

The State of Social Media (or Why Aren’t You Using It for Marketing?)

  • 20th September 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Are you still not sure if this whole “social media” thing is worth your time and effort, and just a fad that will fade out soon? Is there enough unique traffic in social media to warrant your advertising dollars? The fine folks at Nielsen have compiled and just released their Social Media… Read more

Recently Forrester Research came out with a report focusing on the fact that today’s Chief Marketing Officers are woefully inexperienced personally with social media, and that this is a huge problem.  As author Chris Stutzman argues, you need to become deeply involved with social media on a personal level in order to know how to take advantage of it for your business.   And if you aren’t, there is no way you truly can…

  • 6th September 2011
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Social Media and the Marketer: You Need To Do It To Know How To Use It