Monthly Archive: August 2011

Facebook Making it Easier to Share With Who You Want. Sound Familiar?

  • 26th August 2011
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By: David Aziz After a month Google+ launched 25 million users were using the platform. A big reason why Google+ attracted so many users so quickly is because of their privacy policy. It was just what the people wanted; being able to select who you wanted to share certain content with gave Google+ the upper… Read more

Google Integrates +1 Button Sharing Ability With Google+ Accounts

  • 24th August 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Until yesterday, Google’s +1 Button for website publishers and the Google+ profile accounts were completely separated.  You could +1 a link, but it would only be added into the +1 tab on your profile, with no further interaction available. If you wanted to share a link with your circles on Google+ you… Read more

Twitter Launches New Features to Increase Account Interaction

  • 11th August 2011
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By: Ryan Miller Today Twitter announced via their blog that they are rolling out two new tabs within for logged in users to see recent activity amongst those they follow. The first new tab, denoted as @yourusername, combines already existing data including your “@mentions, favorites, follows, and more on you and your Tweets” into… Read more

What Citation Removal from Google Places Means for Local SEO Services

  • 5th August 2011
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By: Ryan Miller In late July Google gave their Places Profiles a major facelift, including cleaning up how the profile data is presented, removing the 3rd party reviews of the location and most importantly removing the citations for the business, or to define it another way, where else on the web the business was being… Read more